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A/D After Date    
A/R All Risks    
A/S Alongside    
a/s After Sight    
AA Always Afloat    
AAPA Association of Asia Pacific Airlines    
AASA Airline Association of Southern Africa    
ABTA Association of British Travel Agents    
AC Account Current    
ACAC Arab Civil Aviation Commission    
ACC Airport Consultative Committee    
AEA Association of European Airlines    
AFRA Average Freight Rate Assessment    
AFRAA African Airlines Association    
AGM Annual General Meeting    
AMT Air Mail Transfer    
APIS Advance Passenger Information Systems    
ASA Air Services Agreement    
ASO Agency Services Office    
ASTA American Society of Travel Agents    
ATAC Air Transport Association of Canada    
ATK Available Tonne Kilometre    
ATNS Air Traffic and Navigation Services Company Limited    
ATS/DS Air Traffic Services Direct Speech    
ATSP Air Traffic Service Providers    
AUC Air Transport Users Council    
AWB Air Waybill    
B/L Bill of Lading    
BAF Bunker Adjustment Factor    
BAR Board of Airline Representatives    
BCBP Bar Coded Boarding Passes    
BDI Both Dates Inclusive    
BITA Bilateral Interline Traffic Agreement    
BK Bank    
BKG Breakage    
Bkge Brokerage    
C of A Certificate of Airworthiness    
C of R Certificate of Registration    
C/N Consignment Note    
C/P Charter Party    
CAAC Civil Aviation Administration of China    
CAConf Cargo Conference    
CAF Currency Adjustment Factor    
Cargo-IMP Cargo Interchange Message Procedures    
CATB Cargo Agency Training Board    
CB Container Base    
CBPP Cargo Business Processes Panel    
CFR Cost and Freight    
CFS Container Freight Station    
CKD Completely Knocked Down