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Look through 102 acronyms and abbreviations related to Agriculture:

AAA Agricultural Adjustment Administration    
AAZK American Association of Zoo Keepers, Inc.    
ABWAK Association of British Wild Animal Keepers    
ACIAR Australian Center for International Agriculture Research    
ACP Agricultural Conservation Program    
AGORA Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture    
AHS Agricultural History Society    
ALCOM Aquaculture for Local Community Development Programme    
ANPR Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking    
APMRU Areawide Pest Management Research Unit    
APRP Arabian Peninsula Regional Program    
ARS United States Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service    
ARTP Agricultural Research and Training Project    
ASAE American Society of Agricultural Engineers    
ASCS Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service    
ASI American Sheep Industry Association    
ASZK Australasian Society of Zoo Keeping    
AWT Advanced Wastewater Treatment    
BIT Bilateral Investment Treaty    
BMP Best Management Practice    
BOD Biochemical Oxygen Demand    
CAFO Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation    
CAPART Council for the Advancement of People's Action & Rural Technology    
CAST Council for Agricultural Science and Technology    
CHATSEA Challenges of the Agrarian Transition in Southeast Asia    
CNP Confédération Nationale Paysanne    
CPVO Community Plant Variety Office    
CSRS Cooperative State Research Service (US Dept. Of Agriculture)    
CTA Conservation Technical Assistance    
DEFRA Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs    
DRDA District Rural Development Agency    
EAGGF European Agriculture Guidance and Guarantee Funds    
ECARP Environmental Conservation Acreage Reserve Program    
EEP Export Enhancement Program    
EFSA European Food Safety Authority    
ES Extension Service    
EUP Experimental Use Permit    
FAPRI Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute    
FBP Food and Bioproducts Processing    
FCC Farm Credit Canada    
FFDCA Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act of 1938    
FFT Fédération Française des Trufficulteurs    
FIFRA Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (1972)    
IPPS International Plant Propagators Society    
IRI International Research Institute for Climate Prediction    
IRI International Research Institute    
IRI International Research Institute for Climate and Society    
IRI International Research Institutetute    
IRRI International Rice Research Institute    
ISST International Society of Seed Technologists