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A Ampere    
A/C Aircraft Commander    
A/C Aircraft    
A/D Aerodrome    
A/P airplane (US), aeroplane (ICAO)    
A/T autothrottle    
ACARS Aircraft Communication and Addressing Reporting System    
ACAS Airborne Collision Avoidance System    
ACC Active Clearance Control    
ACFT Aircraft    
ACI Airports Council International    
ACMS Aircraft Condition Monitoring System    
ACMS Attitude Control & Measurement Subsystem    
AD airworthiness directives (FAA)    
ADA Advisory Area    
ADC Analog-Digital Converter    
ADC Air Data Computer    
ADF Automatic Direction Finder    
ADS automatic dependent surveillance    
ADV German Airports Association    
AFCS Automatic Flight Control System    
AFDS Autopilot Flight Director System    
AFE Above Field Elevation    
afrl Air Force Research Laboratories    
AFS Aeronautical Fixed Service    
AFT Aircraft Financing & Trading    
aft Aircraft Finance Trust    
AFT Aircraft Fatigue Test    
AFTN Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network    
AGL Above Ground Level    
AHF Attitude History File    
AHRS Attitude Heading Reference System    
AIP Aeronautical Information Publication    
AIRAC Aeronautical Information Regulation and Control    
ALI Airworthiness Limitation Item    
ALS approach lighting system    
AMO Approved Maintenance Orginaization    
AMSL Above Mean Sea Level    
ANSI American National Standards Institute, Inc.    
ANSP Air Navigation Service Provider    
AOA Angle Of Attack    
AOC Air Operator's Certificate    
AOG Aircraft On Ground    
AOM airport operating minima    
AP Autopilot    
API Application Programming Interface    
APID Application Program Identifier    
APPL Augmented Preprogrammed Pointing List    
APT Airport    
APU Auxiliary Power Unit