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Look through 233 acronyms and abbreviations related to Wireless Networking:

1xEV-DO 1x Evolution for Data Optimized    
3GPP Third Generation Partnership Project    
3GPP2 Third Generation Partnership Project 2    
4G Fourth Generation Wireless Systems    
AAA authentication, authorization, and accounting    
AAS Adaptive Antenna System    
AC Authentication Center    
ACK Acknowledge (telecommunications; Cf. NAK)    
am Acknowledged Mode    
AMBR Aggregate Maximum Bit Rate    
AMC Adaptive Modulation and Coding    
AN Access Network    
APN An Access Point Name    
ARP Address Resolution Protocol (ATM)    
ARP Allocation and Retention Priority    
ARQ Automatic Repeat-reQuest    
AS Application Server    
AS Access Stratum    
BCCH Broadcast Control Channel    
BCH Broadcast Channel    
BER Bit-Error Rate    
BLER Block Error Rate    
BPSK binary phase shift keying    
BW Bandwidth    
C-RNTI Cell Radio Network Temporary Identity    
CDMA Code Division Multiple Access (voice/data transmission)    
ce Cyclic Extensions    
CFI Channel Format Indicator    
CN Core Network    
COA Care-Of Address    
CP Cyclic Prefix    
CQI Channel Quality Indicator    
CRC Contrôle de Redondance Cyclique (French: Cyclic Redundancy Check)    
CS Circuit-Switched    
CS-CN Circuit Switched-Core Network    
CSCF Call Session Control Function    
CSI Channel State Information    
DCCH Dedicated Control Channel    
DCI Downlink Control Information    
DFT Discrete Fourier Transform    
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol    
DL Downlink Message    
DL-SCH Downlink Shared Channel    
DRA Dynamic Resource Allocation    
DRX Discontinuous Reception    
DS Direct Spread    
DSCP Differentiated Service Code Point    
DTCH Dedicated Traffic Channel    
DTX Discontinuous Transmission    
E-UTRA Evolved UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access