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A&ARv Astronomy and Astrophysics Review    
A&AS Astronomy and Astrophysics Supplement Series    
A&AT Astronomical and Astrophysical Transactions    
a&g Astronomy and Geophysics    
AA&AA Astronomy and Astrophysics Abstracts Heidelberg    
AAAR Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research    
AAONw Anglo-Australian Observatory Epping Newsletter    
AAOPr Anglo-Australian Observatory Epping Preprint    
AASPP Astrononomy and Astrophysics Series    
AbbOO Abbadia Observatory Observations    
ACESJ Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society Journal    
ACiCh Astronomical Circular    
ACMFE Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems    
AcouL Acoustics Letters    
ACP Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics    
ACPD Atmospheric Chemistry & Physics Discussions    
ACSB American Ceramic Society Bulletin    
ACSC American Ceramic Society Communications    
ACSJ American Ceramic Society Journal    
ACTAp Automatic Control Theory Applications    
AdA&A Advances in Astronomy and Astrophysics    
AdApM Advances in Applied Mathematics    
AdAtS Advances in Atmospheric Sciences    
AdBio Advances in Biophysics    
AdBMP Advances in Biological and Medical Physics    
ADCBu Astronomical Data Center Bulletin    
AdChP Advances in Chemical Physics    
AdCM Advanced Ceramic Materials    
AdCoL Advanced Composites Letters    
AdEOA Advances in Earth Oriented Applications and Space Technology    
AdEPS Advances in Earth and Planetary Sciences    
AdExG Advances in Exploration Geophysics    
AdG Advances in Geosciences    
AdGeo Advances in Geophysics    
AdGeS Advances in Geophysics Supplement    
AdGR Advances in Geophysical Research    
AdMat Advances in Mathematics    
AdMPS Advances in Mechanics and Physics of Surfaces    
ADNDT Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables    
AdPhG Advances in Physical Geochemistry    
AdPhy Advances in Physics    
AdPlP Advances in Plasma Physics    
AdPoS Advances in Polymer Science    
AdSAC Advanced Series in Astrophysics and Cosmology    
AdSMP Advanced Series in Mathematical Physics    
AdSpR Advances in Space Research    
AdSSP Advances in Solid State Physics    
AdTMP Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics    
AdTPh Advanced Texts in Physics    
AdWR Advances in Water Resources