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A2LA American Association for Laboratory Accreditation    
AALA American Association for Laboratory Accreditation    
AARC Assassination Archives and Research Center    
AARLIN Australian Academic and Research Library Network    
ACCM Austrian Center of Competences in Mechatronics    
ACIAR Australian Center for International Agriculture Research    
ACR Austrian Cooperative Research    
ACRI Atlantic Cancer Research Institute    
ADL Advanced Development Laboratory    
AETL Approved Engineering Test Laboratory    
AFAL Air Force Astronautics Laboratory    
AFAL Air Force Avionics Laboratory    
AFATL Air Force Armaments Test Laboratory    
AFGL Air Force Geophysics Laboratory    
AFML Air Force Materials Laboratory    
AFRRI (U.S.) Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute    
AFWAL Air Force Weapons Analysis Laboratory    
AFWL Air Force Weapons Laboratory    
AIMS Australian Institutetute of Marine Science    
ALL Airborne Laser Laboratory    
AMREF African Medical and Research Foundation    
APART Austrian Programme for Advanced Research and Technology    
APCC APEC Climate Center    
APDRC Asia-Pacific Data-Research Center    
APL Applied Physics Laboratory (at Johns Hopkins)    
ARC Austrian Research Centers    
ARI Army Research Institute (for Behavior and Social Sciences)    
ARIES Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences    
ARL Army Research Laboratory    
ARRI Automation & Robotics Research Institute    
ASC African Studies Centre    
ASPR Austrian Study Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution    
ASRC Australian Stuttering Research Centre    
ASRC Atmospheric Sciences Research Center    
ASRC Australian Standard Research Classification    
ATL Advanced Technology Laboratories    
ATLAS ACTIVITIES Atmospheric Laboratory for Applications and Science    
ATP Austrian Technology Platform    
BBRI Belgian Building Research Institute    
BIO Bedford Institutetute of Oceanography    
BMRC Buffalo Materials Research Center    
BRDC Belvoir Research & Development Center    
BRDL Biomedical Research and Development Laboratory    
BSDL Biotechnological Sciences Delft Leiden    
CABBT Center for Advanced Biomedical and Bioengineering Technology    
CAEM Center for Antarctic Environment Monitering    
CAMBI Center for Advanced Molecular Biology and Immunology    
CAORC Council of American Overseas Research Centers    
CAOS Center for Atmospheric and Oceanic Studies    
CAPE Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics