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AAH Associate in Allied Health    
AAN Associate of Arts in Nursing    
AARCF American Association for Respiratory Care Fellow    
AAS Associate in Applied Science    
AAT Associate of Arts in Teaching    
AAT Associate of Applied Technology    
AB Bachelor of Arts    
ACIArb Associate of the Chartered Institutetute of Arbitrators    
ACIB Associate of the Chartered Institutetute of Bankers    
ACIBS Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland    
ACIBSE Associate of the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers    
ACIM Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing    
ACIOB Associate of the Chartered Institute of Building    
ACP Applied Cognitive Psychology    
ACRN AIDS Certified Registered Nurse    
ADN Associate Degree in Nursing    
AEMSN Alternate Entry Master of Science in Nursing    
ALA Associate of the Library Association    
AM Master of Arts    
AMCT Associate Member of the Association of Corporationrate Treasurers    
AMIMA Associate Member of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications    
AMSc Associate in Medical Science    
AMSE Associate Member of the Society of Engineers    
ANP Adult Nurse Practitioner    
AOCN Advanced Oncology Certified Nurse    
AOCN American Oncology Certified Nurse    
AOCNP Advanced Oncology Certified Nurse Practitioner    
APMC Advanced Project Management Certification    
APN Advanced Practice Nurse    
APNP Advanced Practice Nurse Prescriber    
APRN Advanced Practice Registered Nurse    
ARAD Associate of the Royal Academy of Dance    
ARCO Associate of the Royal College of Organists    
ARNP Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner    
ARRT American Registry of Radiologic Technologists    
ART Accredited Record Technologist    
ASCP American Society for Clinical Pathology    
ASN Associate of Science in Nursing    
ASNC American Society of Nuclear Cardiology    
ASPO American Society for Psychoprophylaxis in Obstetrics    
ATC Athletic Trainer, Certified    
BA Bachelor of Arts    
BAdmin Bachelor of Administration    
BAGR Bachelor of Agriculture    
BAgrSc Bachelor of Agricultural Science    
BAI Bachelor of Engineering    
BAO Bachelor of Obstetrics    
BAppSc Bachelor of Applied Science in Occupational Therapy    
BArch Bachelor of Architecture    
BASC Bachelor of Applied Science