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Look through 3939 acronyms and abbreviations related to Nyse symbols:

A Agilent Technologies Incorporated    
AA Alcoa, Inc.    
AAC Arcadia Financial, LTD    
AAE AMDOCS Automatic Commercial Exchange    
AAF ABN Amro Funds    
AAG American Annuity Group, Inc.    
AAG PT American Annuity Group Capital Trust    
AAI AirTran Holdings, Inc.    
AAM AAMES Financial Corporation    
AAP Advance Auto Parts, Inc.    
AAR A M R Corporation    
AAS Amerisource Health Corporation    
AAT All-American Term Trust, Inc    
ABB Abb, Ltd.    
ABC AmerisourceBergen Corporation    
ABF Airborne Freight Corporation    
ABG Asbury Automotive Group, Inc.    
ABI Applera Corporation-Applied Biosystems Group    
ABJ Alabama Power Company    
ABK Ambac Financial Group, Inc.    
ABL American Biltrite Inc.    
ABM ABM Industries Incorporated (New York Stock Exchange [NYSE])    
ABN ABN Amro Holdings, N. V.    
ABN PA ABN Amro Capital Funding Trust I    
ABN PB ABN Amro Capital Funding Trust II    
ABP Abraxas Petroleum Corporation    
ABS Albertson's, Inc.    
ABT Abbott Laboratories (New York Stock Exchange [NYSE])    
ABV Companhia De Bebidas Das Americas    
ABX Barrick Gold Corporation (Toronto Stock Exchange [TSX])    
ABY Abitibi-Price, Inc. (formerly Abitibi-Consolidated, Inc.)    
AC Alliance Capital Management Holdings, L P    
ACA Alabama Power Company    
ACF AmeriCredit Corporation    
ACG ACM Government Income Fund, Inc.    
ACI Arch Coal Inc    
ACK Armstrong World Industries, Inc.    
ACL Ace, Ltd.    
ACL PA ACE Capital Trust I    
ACN Acuson Corporation NYSE    
ACO AMCOL International Corporation    
ACP American Real Estate Partners, L.P.    
ACP P American Real Estate Partners Preferred    
ACR American Retirement Corporation    
ACS Affiliated Computer Services, Inc.    
ACV Alberto-Culver Company    
ACVA Alberto Culver Company Class A    
ACX ACX Technologies (now Graphic Packaging International Corporation)    
AD Advo, Inc    
ADC Agree Realty Corporation