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Look through 4991 acronyms and abbreviations related to Nasdaq symbols:

AAABB Admiralty Bancorp, Inc. Class B    
AAAC, Inc.    
AABC Access Anytime Bancorp, Inc.    
AACE Ace Cash Express, Inc.    
AADG.OB Asian Dragon Group    
AADM Aarvee Denims & Exports, LTD.    
AAE Average Annual Earnings    
AAGP Active Apparel Group, Inc.    
AAII Applied Analytical Industries    
AAIR AirTran Holdings, Inc.    
AALA AmerAlia, Inc.    
AALAE AmerAlia, Inc.    
AALSE Armed Alert Security, Inc.    
AAMC American Asset Management Corporation    
AAME Atlantic American Corporation    
AANP American Absorbing National Products    
AAOF AIG Asian Opportunity Fund    
AAON A A O N, Inc.    
AAPC American Architectural Products, Inc.    
AAPL Apple Computer, Inc.    
AAPTY Anglo American Platinum Corporation    
AARO Aarow Environmental Group, Inc.    
AASAY Apasco S. A. de C. V.    
AASI Advanced Aerodynamics and Structures, Inc.    
AASIU Advanced Aerodynamics & Structures, Inc.    
AASIW Advanced Aerodynamics & Structures, Inc. Warrants    
AASIZ Advanced Aerodynamics & Structures, Inc.    
AASP All American SportPark, Inc.    
AATK American Access Technology, Inc.    
AAUK Anglo American, P. L. C.    
ABACF Abacan Resource Corporation    
ABACQ Abacan Resource Corporation (in bankruptcy)    
ABAN American Bancshares Inc    
ABANP American Bancshares, Inc., Capital Trust    
ABAX Abaxis, Inc.    
ABBK Abington Bancorp, Inc.    
ABBKP Abington Bancorp, Inc., Capital Trust    
ABCB A B C Bancorp    
ABCC A B C Dispensing Technologies Company    
ABCL Alliance Bancorp, Inc.    
ABCP Ambase Corporation    
ABCR A B C Rail Products    
ABCU Alliance Bank of Culver City    
ABCW Anchor Bancorp of Wisconsin    
ABDV Atlantis Business Development Corporation    
Aber ABER Diamond Corporation    
ABERF Aber Resources, LTD.    
ABETE 649.Com, Inc.    
ABFI American Business Financial Services, Inc.