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3DSCEN Workshop on Interpretation of 3D Scenes    
AA Author's Addition    
AAE IEEE Workshop on Automotive Applications of Electronics    
ACC American Control Conference    
ACSAC IEEE Aerospace Computer Security Applications Conference    
ACSC Asilomar Conference on Circuits, Systems, and Computers    
ACSRG Abstract Client/Server Reachability Graph    
ACSSC Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers    
ADA International IEEE Conference on ADA Applications and Environments    
ADFS Australian Data Fusion Symposium    
ADL Forum on Research and Technology Advances in Digital Libraries    
AERO IEEE Aerospace Applications Conference    
AES-M IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine    
AESS Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers - Aerospace and Electronics Systems Society    
AESSYM AESS Dayton Chapter SYMposium on Avionics in Conceptual System Planning    
AGBM Alexander Graham Bell Medal    
AHC Annals of the History of Computing    
AIIA IEEE International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Industrial Applications    
ALCMP aluminum chemical mechanical polishing    
AMC IEEE International Workshop on Advanced Motion Control    
AMICD IEEE-CAS Region 8 Workshop on Analog and Mixed IC Design    
AMLCD International Workshop on Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Displays    
ANN International Forum on Applications of Neural Networks to Power Systems    
ANSI American National Standards Institute, Inc.    
ANZIIS Australian New Zealand Conference on Intelligent Information Systems    
AP-M IEEE Antennas & Propagation Magazine    
APCCAS Asia-Pacific Conference on Circuits and Systems    
APE Automotive Power Electronics    
APEC IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition    
APS Antennas and Propagation Society    
APSD Acceleration Power Spectral Density    
APSEC Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference    
AQSDT Symposium on Assessment of Quality Software Development Tools    
ARITH Symposium on Computer Arithmetic    
ARMS Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium    
ARRAYS International Conference on Systolic Arrays    
ARTS Symposium on Small Computers in the Arts    
ASAP International Conference on Application Specific Systems, Architectures, and Processors    
ASDF Automated System for Diagnosing Failures    
ASIC IEEE International Application Specific Integrated Circuits Conference and Exhibit    
ASMC IEEE/SEMI Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference and Workshop    
ASOS International Conference on Application of Standards for Open Systems    
ASPLOS International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems    
ASSP-M IEEE ASSP (Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing) Magazine    
AST IEEE International Symposium on Assessment of Software Tools    
ASTI Agricultural Science and Technology Indicators    
ASWEC Australian Software Engineering Conference    
ASYNC International Symposium on Advanced Research in Asynchronous Circuits and Systems    
AT Advanced Technologies Intelligent Vision    
ATS Asian Test Symposium