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0-D Zero Dimensional    
24W 24 Watts    
2M Micro-Miniature    
2W Two Wire    
3D Three Dimensional    
3G Third Generation mobile phone network    
3Gp Third generation Partnership Project    
3R3 3.3 ohm Resistor    
3SR Three Station Rotating    
4P4T Quad-Pole Quad-Throw    
4W 4-Watt Resistor    
4WA Four Wire Analog    
4WAI 4-Wire Analog Interface    
4WH Four Watt-Hour capacity    
4WJ Four-Way Junction    
4WM Four Wave Mixing    
A Ampere    
A Anode    
A&R Automation and Robotics    
A-GEMTF Advanced Generic Equipment Model Task Force    
A/D Analog-to-Digital    
A/P Autopilot    
AA Active Active    
AA Atomic Absorption    
AA Audio Animatronics    
AA Anti-Aliasing    
AA Automatic Adjust    
AAAC All Aluminium Alloy Conductor    
AAC All Aluminium Conductor    
AACC Audio Active Comparative Corrective    
AACSR Aluminium Alloy Conductor Steel Reinforced    
AACTS Automated Accelerated Characterization Test Station    
AAF Anti-Aliasing Filter    
AAOI analysis of Applied Optoelectronics Inc    
AAS Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy    
AATS Automated Application and Testing Solution    
ab Audio Book    
AB Amplifier Board    
AB Automatic Balancing    
AB Active Bridge    
ABAS Aircraft-based Augmentation System    
ABC Automatic Background Calibration    
ABE air-based electronics    
ABE Acceptor Bound Exciton    
ABF Agile Bandpass Filter    
ABH Android Brotherhood    
ABI Audio Binary Interface    
ABM Activity Based Management    
ABR Anti Burn Regulator    
ABS Automatic Blip Scan