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Look through 90 acronyms and abbreviations related to Dos commands:

%% identifies the variable in a Batch file FOR - %%A - IN ( [X] [Y] [Z] ) - DO loop    
%0 a Batch command that replaces %0 with its own filename    
? Place holder for a single unknown character in searches    
@ ECHO OFF Batch file command    
ACME Acme (computer virus), a computer virus which infects Microsoft DOS EXE files    
APPEND Application File search path    
ASSIGN Reassigning the Default Drive    
ATTRIB report a file's Attributes    
BACKUP Back-up files    
BREAK [ON/OFF] watch for a break in execution, or not    
CALC CALCulator    
CALL Invoke a Batch file as a subroutine    
CHCP Change Code Page    
CHDIR Change Directory    
CHKDSK Check Disk    
CLS Clear the Screen    
CMD Command    
COLOR Change the color of the DOS environment    
COMMAND a Batch command (under DOS 2.0)    
COMP Compare Files    
CON accept CONSOLE (keyboard) output    
COPY Copies, Renames, Concatenates Files    
CTTY Changing To a Remote Terminal    
DATE set or display the Date    
DEBUG start a testing environment for binary files - and more    
DEFRAG optomize a disk drive (be careful)    
DEL Delete file(s)    
DELTREE delete a directory and everything that is in it (DANGER!)    
DIR DIRectory listing    
DISKCOMP Compare contents of Disks    
DISKCOPY Copy Disk (drive to drive)    
DO a Batch command that precedes the action to be performed in a loop    
ECHO Display other commands as they are executed    
EDLIN Line Editor    
ERASE Delete File [name of file(s) to be deleted]    
EXE2BIN Convert file from .EXE to .BIN (or .COM)    
EXIST a Batch command that tests for the existence of a specified file    
EXIT stop execution and close a Batch file    
FASTOPEN Store in memory file locations to speed access    
FDISK Partition a Fixed Disk    
FILCOM Compare the contents of two Files    
FIND Find a specific 'string' within a file    
FOR a Batch command that opens a loop    
FORMAT place tracks and sectors on a disk, making it addressable    
GOTO an unconditional branch in a Batch file    
GRAFTABL load Graphics Characters higher than ASCII 127    
GRAPHICS allows Graphics to pass from screen to Printer    
IF Conditional Batch file command    
IN a Batch command intended to precede a [set] argument    
JOIN Join Drive to subdirectory of another Drive