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Look through 120 acronyms and abbreviations related to World war ii:

A.C.R.C Aircrew Receiving Centre    
A/C Aircraft    
A/C Aircraft Commander    
A/Cdre Air Commodore    
AAC Anti Aircraft Co-operation    
AACF Anti-aircraft Co-operation Flight    
AACU Anti-Aircraft Co-Operation Unit    
AAP Air to air Missile    
ABC Airborne Cigar    
AC1 Aircraftman First Class    
AC2 Aircraftman Second Class    
ACAC Aircrew Allocation Center    
acc Army Co-operation Command    
accf Army Co-operation Command Communication Flight    
ACDC Aircrew Despatch Center    
ACDU Army Co-operation Development Unit    
ACHU Aircrew Holding Unit    
aci Air Council Instruction    
ACI Air Council Instituteuction    
ACIs Air Council Instructions    
ACIs Air Council Instituteuctions    
ACW Aircraftwoman    
AE Air Efficiency    
AFHQ Airfield Headquarters    
AFS Advanced Flying School    
AGT Airwork & General Trading    
AGU Airwork Grading Unit    
AHQ Air Headquarters    
AMES Air Ministry Experimental Station    
AWOL Absent Without Leave    
BAT Beam Approach Training    
BDE Brigade    
BHFU BloodHound Firing Unit    
BHSU BloodHound Support Unit    
CAACU Civilian Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit    
CACF Coast Artillery Co-operation Flight    
CACU Coast Artillery Co-operation Unit    
CCF Iraq Command Communication Flight    
Cd Command    
CD Command Decoder    
CD Command Discipline    
CD Command Director    
CMD Command    
Cpl Corporationral    
CPL Corporal    
cse courses Software Engineering    
CSE Civil/Structural Engineering (course)    
CSE Course Set Error    
cse Communications and Support Flight    
CSE Course