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Look through 108 acronyms and abbreviations related to Wastewater:

ACWA Assoc of California Water Agencies    
ANPRM Advance Notice of Proposed Rule Making    
apwa American Public Works Association's    
ATCM Airborne Toxic Control Measure    
AWWA American Water Works Association (Denver)    
BACWA Bay Area Clean Water Agencies    
BOD Biochemical Oxygen Demand    
CAAQS Calif Ambient Air Quality Standard    
CalARP Calif Accidental Release Prevention Program    
CARB Calif Air Resources Board    
CDFA Calif Dept of Food & Agriculture    
CDO Cease and Desist Order    
CECs Constituents of Emerging Concern    
ceqa Calif Environmental Quality Act    
CFR Code of Federal Regulations    
CIWMB Calif Integrated Waste Management Board    
CMOM Capacity, Management, Operation and Maintenance    
CPUC Calif Public Utilities Commission    
CSO Combined Sewer Overflow    
CTR California Toxics Rule    
cvcwa Central Valley Clean Water Association    
CWA Clean Water Act (1977)    
CWAP Clean Water Action Plan    
CWARA Clean Water Authority Restoration Act    
CWEA Calif Water Environment Association    
DHS Dept of Health Services    
DO Dissolved Oxygen    
DTSC Dept of Toxic Substances Control    
EBEP Enclosed Bays and Estuaries Plan    
EDW Effluent Dominated Waterbody    
EIR Environmental Impact Report    
EIS Environmental Impact Statement (US)    
EPA Environmental Protection Agency (US)    
ERAF Educational Reserve Augmentation Fund    
ESMP Electronic Self-Monitoring Report    
FOG Fat Oil And Grease    
gasb Government Accounting Standards Board's    
HAP Hazardous Air Pollutant    
ISWP Inland Surface Waters Plan    
JPA Joint Powers Authority    
LA Load Allocation    
LAFCO Local Agency Formation Commission    
LHC Little Hoover Commission    
LOCC League of California Cities    
MACT Maximum Achievable Control Technology    
MCL Maximum Contaminant Level    
Mgd Million Gallons Per Day    
MMP mandatory minimum penalty    
MOU Memorandum of Understanding (an MOU between Food & Drug Administratin and a regulatory agency in another country allows mutual recognition of inspections)    
MUN Municipal Drinking Water Use