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- Minus the points    
-20 Punts inside the 20 yard line    
2b Doubles Allowed    
2PT Two Point Conversions    
3b Triples Allowed    
A Anchor    
A Assists    
A Attack    
A/G Assists per Game    
AAA Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion    
AAAD American Athletic Association of the Deaf    
AAALF American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness    
AAHFP American Academy of Health & Fitness Professionals    
AAU Amateur Athletic Union    
ab At Bats    
AB/GIDP At-Bats per Grounded Into Double Play    
AB/HR At-Bats per Home Run    
AB/RBI At-Bats per Runs Batted In    
ACCW Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling    
ACW American Championship Wrestling    
ACW Alternative Championship Wrestling    
ACWA American Championship Wrestling Alliance    
ADAMS The Anti-Doping Administration & Management System    
ADO Anti-Doping Organization    
AF Advanced Forward    
AFA American Fence Association    
AFC American Football Conference    
AFG Afghanistan    
AHO Netherlands Antilles    
AI Artificial Intellegence    
AIWF American Independent Wrestling Federation    
AJPW All Japan Pro Wrestling    
AJW All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling    
ALB Albania Republic of    
ALG Algeria People's Democratic Republic of    
AM Attacking Midfielder    
AMC Attacking Midfielder Centre    
AML Attacking Midfielder Left    
AMR Attacking Midfielder Right    
AMW Appalachian Mountain Wrestling    
ANC Anchor Man    
AND Andorra    
Ang Angola    
ANPS Association Nationale des Podologues du Sport    
ANT Antigua and Barbuda    
ANZ Australasia    
AO Fly Outs    
AOSSM American Orthopeadic Society of Sports Medicine    
AP Advanced Playmaker    
APP Appearances