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Look through 93 acronyms and abbreviations related to Quilting:

401 F Fabric for Retirement    
401 P Patterns for Retirement    
AK Ample Knitters    
BOM Block of the Month    
BSS Basic Sewing Supplies    
COC Cream on Cream    
CQ Crazy Quilting    
D4P Double Four Patch    
DIC Double Irish Chain    
Dime 10-inch square piece of fabric    
DJ Dear Jane    
DSM Domestic Sewing Machine    
EQ Electric Quilt    
F8 Fat 1/8th piece of fabric (9-inches x 22-inches)    
FART Fabric Acquisition Road Trip    
FHS Free Hand Sewing    
FIU Finish It Up    
FLIMSY Un-quilted top    
FM Free Motion    
FN FrivolousNecessity (pattern maker)    
FQ Fat Quarter of fabric (18-inches x 22-inches)    
FW FeatherWeight (type of sewing machine)    
FW Fusible Web    
GFG Grandmothers Flower Garden    
Giterdone Get 'er Done! (Term most often used for ancient or dreaded projects)    
GSOY Glasgow School Of Yarn    
HP Hand Piecing    
HQ Hand Quilting    
HST Half-Square Triangle    
HSY Haven't Started Yet    
Jelly Roll 2 1/2-inch x 42-inch fabric strip (usually rolled up and sold in a set)    
LA Long Armer    
LAQ Long Arm Quilting machine    
LC Layer Cakes (a pile of co-ordinating 10" squares)    
LibQ Liberated Quiltmaking    
LQ Liberated Quiltmaking    
LQS Local Quilt Shop    
MAQ Mid-Arm Quilter    
MGBTQ Must Get Back To Quilting    
MQN Michigan Quilt Network    
Nickle 5-inch square of fabric    
NQR Not Quilt Related    
OBW One-Block Wonder    
OSMG Old Sewing Machine Guy    
PHD Project Half Done    
PIGS Projects in Grocery Sacks    
PIM Project in Mind    
PIP Project In Progress    
PIT Project In Tote    
PIW Project In Waiting