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Look through 81 acronyms and abbreviations related to Poker:

ACPC Annual Computer Poker Competition    
AHPT Alpe d'Huez Poker Tour    
AOPL Australian Online Poker League    
AOPS Asia Online Poker Series    
APAT Amateur Poker Association Tour    
APL Amish Poker League    
APPT Asian Pacific Poker Tour    
BWCD Bin Wang Playing Card Company    
CSPC Cal State Poker Championship    
CTD Cut The Deck    
D Dealer    
ept Eastern Poker Tour    
FGPA Fisher Graduate Poker Association    
fpn Free Poker Network    
GPI Global Poker Index    
GSOP Grand Series of Poker    
HUD Heads-Up Display    
IPT Italian Poker Tour    
IPWC Italian Poker WInter Challenge    
ISOP Italian Series of Poker    
ITM In the Money    
LAG Loose AAgressive    
lapt Latin American Poker Tour's    
LHE Limit Hold'Em    
LIPS Ladies International Poker Series    
LP Late Position    
LSOP Latin Series of Poker    
MP Middle Position    
MPB Magenetic Poker Box    
MSOP Mini Series of Poker    
MTT Multi-Table Tournament    
MTTS Multi-Table Tournament Strategy    
NAPT North American Poker Tour    
NASA Nice And Safe Attitude    
NL No Limit    
NLHE No Limit Hold'Em    
OESFD Open-Ended Straight Flush Draw    
OPC Oceans Players Club    
PCA PokerStars Caribbean Adventure    
PCS Poker Championship Series    
PFR Pre-Flop Raise    
PHOF Poker Hall of Fame    
PLO Pot Limit Omaha    
PP Pocket Pair    
PPA Poker Players Alliance    
PSP Personal Sausage Poker    
PT Poker Tracker    
PWIN Poker Warriorz International Network    
QD Queen of Diamonds    
SB Small Blind