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Look through 247 acronyms and abbreviations related to Pinball:

100 Blackwater 100    
4MBC Four Million B.C.    
4MilBC Four Million B.C.    
8BD Eight Ball Deluxe    
A13 Apollo 13    
AB Airborne    
ACDC AC/DC Let There Be Rock Limited Edition    
ACDC AC/DC Back In Black Limited Edition    
afm Attack From Mars    
AMH America's Most Haunted    
AP Austin Powers    
Avatar James Cameron's Avatar (Limited Edition)    
BB Bone Busters Inc.    
bbb Big Bang Bar    
BBBB Bugs Bunny's Birthday Ball    
BBH Big Buck Hunter Pro    
BC Bad Cats    
BDK Batman    
BF Batman Forever    
BG Big Guns    
BGS The Bally Game Show    
BH Black Hole    
BIB AC/DC Back In Black Limited Edition    
BIBLE AC/DC Back In Black Limited Edition    
BK Black Knight's    
BK2 Black Knight 2000    
BK2000 Black Knight 2000    
BK2K Black Knight 2000    
BOPP Power Play    
br Banzai Run    
br Black Rose    
bsd Bram Stokers Dracula    
BTTF Back To The Future    
BW Blackwater 100    
C CSI    
CBW Cue Ball Wizard    
CC CAN Canada    
cc Cactus Canyon    
ce3k Close Encounters of the Third Kind    
CF Capt. Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Cowboy    
CFTBL Creature from the Black Lagoon    
cj Cactus Jack's    
Cm Critical mass    
Combo Transformers Limited Edition ("Combo")    
CP Checkpoint    
CP The Champion Pub    
CV Cirqus Voltaire    
D&D Dungeons & Dragons    
dd Devil's Dare    
DD Dr. Dude And His Excellent Ray