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0FDMA Original Founder Drum Majors America    
A&A Amos and Andy    
A&HCI Arts and Humanities Citation Index    
AA Artistic Aerobatics    
AA Alcoholic Acting    
AAAC Asian American Artists Collective    
AAAI Art, Artists, Audiences, and Intimacy    
AAAT Art Along the Avenue of Technology    
AAB American Academy of Ballet    
AABC Associated Artists of Butler County    
AACA Authentic Artifact Collectors Association    
AACG Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass    
AACG Afro Art Cyber Gallery    
AACSC Asian Art Curators of Southern California    
AACT American Association of Community Theatre    
AACT Artists Against Corporate Taxation    
AAE Actors Are Egotists    
AAFA Artanita Archer Fine Art    
AAGP Arts Assistance Grant Program    
AAHA Association of Azerbaijan Handicraft Artists    
AALC Arts Association Of Lake County    
AAMP Austin Arts and Music Project    
AAOC Arts Alliance of Ogle County    
AAP Adigun Azikiwe Polack    
AAPPAC Association of Asia Pacific Performing Arts Centres    
AATD Art At The Dump    
AAWS Associated Artists of Winston-Salem    
ABACOST à BAs le COSTume    
ABDC America's Best Dance Crew    
ABLA Art by Latina Artists    
ABT American Ballet Theater    
ABTP Abstraction By The Pool    
AC The Art Clan    
AC Art Center    
ACCEA Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art    
ACD Art Creative Designer    
ACDA Angleton Cheer Dance Association    
ACDA Atlanta Cajun Dance Association    
ACDA American Country Dance Association    
ACDC Alma College Dance Company    
ACDC Atlanta Chinese Dance Company    
ACDF American College Dance Festival    
ACDP Arts Culture And Design Project    
ACDT Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatre    
ace Arts Council of England's    
ACE Art for Community Expression    
ACE Ashley Colum Entertainment    
ACFA Arts and Cultural Foundation of Antioch    
ACFJ Association of Conservative Foreigners in Japan    
ACJE Arts Center Jazz Ensemble