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Look through 832 acronyms and abbreviations related to Ordnance Survey:

(C) Close    
(m) Medium    
(Scat) Scattered    
(um) Unmade    
A Area    
A Avenue    
A Alley    
A Arcade    
a Approach    
A/D Asphalt Disc    
AA Automobile Association (UK)    
aat Analytical Aerial Triangulation    
Aber Aberdeenshire    
ABUT Abutment    
ACAD Academy    
Ad Co Administrative County    
ADJ Adjacent    
ADMin Co Administrative County    
AGL Above Ground Level    
AL Alley    
ALB Air Light Beacon    
Allot Gdns Allotment Gardens    
ALT Altitude    
Alts Alterations    
Amb Sta Ambulance Station    
AND Administrative Names Diagram    
ANG Angle    
Angle Anglesey    
ANGUS Angus Aviation    
AOD Above Ordnance Datum    
AP Approach    
ap Air Point    
APP Approach    
APR April River Airport, April River, Papua New Guinea    
AR Arcade    
ARC Arcade    
Argyll Argyllshire    
AUG August    
AUX Auxiliary    
AV Avenue    
AVON Avon Rubber Plc (London Stock Exchange [LSE])    
Ayr Ayrshire    
b Boiler    
B Basin    
B Broad    
B Bridge    
B Baulk    
B Boulevard    
B Base    
B Bank