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2NE1 New Evolution of the 21st Century    
2Y2K Too Young To Kill    
2YE Ying Yang Email.    
30STM 30 Seconds to Mars    
3D Third Day    
3DG 3 Days Grace    
3EB Third Eye Blind    
3LG Three Levels of Genius    
3OH!3 an awesome band from Boulder, Colorado (area code 303) comprised of Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte; genre: alternative/pop/rock    
4PM For Positive Music    
5G8 1960 Fender Twin Amplifier, small-box, low power    
5SOS 5 Seconds of Summer    
8L3W 8 Letters 3 Words    
8OD 80 Decibels    
8VA Octiva Alta (play an octave higher)    
8VB Octiva Bassa (play an octave lower)    
A2IM American Association of Independent Music    
A7X Avenges Sevenfold    
AA Adult Accompaniment    
Aaa Attack All Around    
AAA Adult Alternative Album    
Aaa Adult Alternative Acoustic    
Aaa Acoustic and Acapella    
AAAK As Able As Kane    
AACE African American Choral Ensemble    
AACM Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians    
AACTA Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts    
AAFM Anthology of American Folk Music    
AALIYAH An Amazing Loving Individual You'll Always Hold    
AAM Association of Anglican Musicians    
AAMC Asian American Music Conference    
AAMM All About Money Music    
AAMPP Artists, Agents, Managers, Producers, Promoters    
AAMS American Accordion Musicological Society    
AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System    
AAMS Asian American Music Society    
AAR All-American Rejects    
AAS Almost A Star    
ABAO Asociación Bilbaina de Amigos de la Ópera    
ABB Always Better Band    
ABB Allman Brothers Band    
ABBA Agnetha/ Björn/ Benny/ Anni-Frid    
ABCD Association of British Choral Directors    
ABEG Auckland Bangladeshi Entertainment Group    
ABF American Banjo Fraternity    
ABH Autonomous Bass Heads    
ABITW Another Brick in the Wall    
ABM Ashdown Bass Magnifiers    
ABMA Alabama Bluegrass Music Association    
ABO Australian Brandenburg Orchestra