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Look through 75 acronyms and abbreviations related to Museums:

39FSMF 39th Fighter Squadron Museum Foundation    
44871 The Sovereign; a preserved steam locomotive in the UK.    
82ADWMM 82nd Airborne Division War Memorial Museum    
AACA Antique Automobile Club of America    
AACC African American Cultural Complex    
AACC African American Cultural Center    
AACC Afro American Cultural Center    
AACG Abbott Archive Commerce Graphics    
AALL Archival Association Leadership Listserv    
AAM American Association of Museums    
AAM American Alliance of Museums    
AAMB Australian Aviation Museum Bankstown    
AAMD Association of Art Museum Directors    
AAMH Australian Association for Maritime History    
AAMP African American Museum in Philadelphia    
AAMV American Association for Museum Volunteers    
AAOM American Association Of Museums    
AASLH American Association for State and Local History    
ABM Antique Boat Museum    
ACA Association of Canadian Archivists    
ACCA Australian Centre for Contemporary Art    
ACHS Adair County Historical Society    
ACMS Art Collection Management System    
ACOF A Century of Flight    
AFFM Australian Federation of Friends of Museums    
AFGA Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts    
AFIHC American Family Immigration History Center    
AFM Air Force Museum    
AGO Art Gallery of Ontario    
AGSEM Antique Gas Steam Engine Museum    
AHRS Alaska Heritage Resources Survey    
AHSA Aviation Historical Society of Australia    
AIA Art Institute of Atlanta    
AIC Art Institute of Chicago    
AMBA American Museum of Beat Art    
AMM Association of Midwest Museums    
AMM Airmen Memorial Museum    
AMMO Asia Modern Museum and Original    
AMNH American Museum of Natural History    
AMSE American Museum of Science & Energy    
AMY Arizona Museum for Youth    
AMZ Archaeological Museum in Zagreb    
ANPG Australian National Portrait Gallery    
APHF American Police Hall of Fame and Museum    
APMA Antique Powerland Museum Association    
ARMA Agung Rai Museum Of Art    
ARRT American Revolution Round Table    
ARTT Alternative Restoration Technology Team    
ASC Adventure Science Center