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abr. April    
abril April    
ag. August    
agosto August    
Agustos August    
août August    
Apr. April    
april April    
Aralik December    
AUG August    
Aug. August    
AVG. Augustus.    
avril April    
Awst August    
bal. April    
ber. March    
birz June    
brez. March    
cerv. June    
cerven. July    
cher. June    
cherv. June    
Chwef. February    
czerw. June    
DEC December    
Dec. December    
dek. December    
des. December    
dets. December    
Dez. December    
dic. December    
Dis. December    
Djan.  January    
Djuli  July    
Djuni  June    
dub. April    
déc. December    
Ebr. April    
Ekim October    
enero January    
Eylul September    
Feb. February    
febbr. February    
febr February    
febr. February    
fev. February    
fevr. February    
févr. February    
geg. May    
genn. January