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A Crim R Australian Criminal Reports    
AALCC Asian-African Legal Consultative Committee    
AALCO Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization    
AAR Administrative Appeals Reports    
AARC Alliance of Artists and Recording Companies    
ABAW Asian Bar Association of Washington    
ACCR Australian Consumer Credit Reports    
ACHPR African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights    
ACHPR African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights    
ACHR American Convention on Human Rights    
ACLC Australian Company Law Cases    
ACLR Australian Company Law Reports    
ACPM Associate Contractor Program Manager    
ACPO Associate Contractor Project Office    
ACSR Australian Corporations and Securities Reports    
ACTR Australian Capital Territory Reports    
ADCR Applicable Document Contractual Record    
AGG Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz    
AICAP Alliance of Incarcerated Canadians in American Prisons    
AIFAP Alliance of Incarcerated Foreigners in American Prisons    
ailr Australian Industrial Law Reports    
AIPC Australian Intellectual Property Cases    
AIPO African Intellectual Property Organization    
ALD Administrative Law Decisions    
ALJR Australian Law Journal Reports    
ALLA Australian Law Librarians' Association    
ALR Australian Law Reports    
ASLME American Society of Law, Medicine, and Ethics    
ATC Australian Tax Cases    
ATPR Australian Trade Practices Reports    
ATR Australian Tax Reports    
AUP Acceptable Use Policies    
BGB Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch    
BHHRG British Helsinki Human Rights Group    
BIALL British and Irish Association of Law Librarians    
BLRC Brcko Law Revision Commission    
BNWLA Bangladesh National Women Lawyers' Association    
BPR Butterworths Property Reports    
BUG Bildungsurlaubsgesetz    
CA Contract Advice    
CAL Contract Advice Letter    
CALL Canadian Association of Law Libraries    
CAMCA Commercial Arbitration and Mediation Centre for the Americas    
CAR Contractual Action Request    
CAT Committee Against Torture    
CC Civil Code    
CC Contract Completion    
CCA Contract Change Authority    
CCN Contract Change Notification