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AAAG Alan and Anita Gillogly    
AAPI Alberta Agriculture, Plant Industry Laboratory    
ABC Arvids Barsevskis    
ABCB Alberto Ballerio    
ABS Archbold Biological Station    
ABTS Andrew B.T. Smith    
ACBC Canada, British Columbia, Summerland, Agriculture Canada Research Station    
ACBV Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver, Agriculture Canada Research Station    
ACE Arachnid Collection of Egypt    
ACLC Angélica Ma. Corona López    
ACNB Canada, New Brunswick, Fredericton, Agriculture Canada Research Station    
ACNS Canada, Nova Scotia, Kentville, Agriculture Canada Nova Scotia    
ACPC Andre Cajar    
ACPE Agriculture Canada Prince Edward Island    
ADMC Alan D. Mudge    
ADSH Arachnology Division Sacred Heart College    
AEIC American Entomological Institute    
AESB Agriculture Experiment Station, India, Bogar    
AFBC Andrew F. Beck    
AFLC Alvin F. Ludtke    
AFSDU Agricultural Faculty Suleyman Demirel University    
AHBS Allen H. Benton    
AJKC Alfred J. Kistler    
AKDOF Alaksa State Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry    
AKPC Andreas Kleeberg    
ALBH Arno L. van Berge Henegoueven    
AMCL Angelo Moreira da Costa Lima    
AMGS South Africa, Cape Province, Grahamstown, Albany Museum    
AMIC Antonio Martinez    
AMMS Academy of Military Medical Sciences    
AMNH American Museum of Natural History    
AMNZ Auckland Institute and Museum New Zealand    
AMS Australian Museum Sydney    
AMUZ India, Uttar Pradesh, Aligarh, Aligarh Muslim University    
ANDC Annie Dozier    
ANFM Associazione Naturalisti Forlivesi Pro Museo    
ANIC Australian National Insect Collection    
ANLE Andrew Neild    
ANLW Amt Der Niederösterreichischen Landsregierung, Wien, Austria    
ANMT Alfred F. Newton & Margaret K. Thayer    
ANPC Alexander Napolov    
ANSP Academy of Natural Sciences Philadelphia    
APEI Agriculture Canada Research Station Prince Edward Island    
APHI Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service    
APMJ Aomori Prefectural Museum Japan    
ARCC Anthony Ross    
ARCM Atlantic Reference Centre    
ARER Associazione Romana di Entomologia, Roma    
ARHC Alan R. Hardy    
ARMC Andrew R. Moldenke