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2LP Home Affordable Second Lien Program    
ABA Annual Budget Authority    
ACA Annual Community Assessment    
aca Asset Control Area    
ACC Annual Contributions Contract    
ACOP Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy    
ACRS Administration's system for tracking requests for administrative services    
ACS American Community Survey    
ADA Americans With Disabilities Act Of 1990 (Text Of ADA Legislation)    
ADM Administration, Office of    
AFFH Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing    
AFGE American Federation of Government Employees    
AFR Applicable Federal Rate    
AFS Annual Audited Financial Statements    
AHAP Agreement to Enter into a Housing Assistance Payments Contract    
AHS American Housing Survey    
AI Analysis of Impediments    
amp Asset Management Project    
apics America's Private Investment Companies    
APP Annual Performance Plan    
APPS Active Partners Performance System    
APR Annual Performance Report    
ARAMS Automatic Renewal and Amendment Management Subsystem    
ARRA American Recovery and Reinvestment Act    
BEDI Brownfields Economic Development Initiative    
BLI Budget Line Item    
BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States Department of Labor    
BOSS Budget Outlay Support System    
BRI Brownfields Redevelopment Initiative    
CBD Commerce Business Daily (Changed To FBO)    
CDBG Community Development Block Grant    
CEF Community Empowerment Fund    
CFCF Capital Fund Education and Training Community Facilities    
CFFP Capital Fund Financing Program    
CFO Communication Filing Officer    
CFP Capital Fund Program    
CFR Code of Federal Regulations    
CHAS Comprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy    
CHDO Community Housing Development Organization    
CHRB Community Housing Resource Board    
CIO Chief Information Officer    
CIR Congressional and Intergovernmental Relations    
CITI Correcting Incorrect Tenant Identifiers    
CLPHA Council of Large Public Housing Authorities    
CMHI Cooperative Management Housing Insurance Fund    
CO Contracting Officer    
CoC Continuum of Care approach to assistance to the homeless    
COCC Central Office Cost Center    
COE Army Corps of Engineers    
COOP Continuity of Operations