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3SM South Staffordshire Society Of Magicians    
4WDA Four Wheel Drive Association    
4WDABC Four Wheel Drive Association of British Columbia    
4WF Four Wheelin' Friends ATV Club    
A2C2 All American Cannabis Club    
AA Alternative Armies    
AA Action-Adventure    
aAAA Alberta Aerial Applicators Association    
AAACS Alberta Association of Automobile Clubs Society    
AABF Albuquerque Antiquarian Book Fair    
AACC All American Corvette Club    
AACG Awesome Autographs Collectors Group    
AACTS Association of Arms Collectors and Target Shooters    
AADC Adelaide Advertising Design Club    
AAMC American Alliance for Medical Cannabis    
AAMS American Air Mail Society    
AAOC Amigos Agenda OCLC Connection    
AAOCC All Avondale Owners Caravan Club    
AASC Ann Arbor Stamp Club    
AAVA Associaci Andorrana de Vehicles Antics    
AAWC Ann Arbor Wine Club    
AB Antique Brass    
ABA American Breweriana Association    
ABATE American Bikers Aiming Towards Education    
ABI Air Brush Ink    
ABP Artemis Black's Price    
ABS American Budgerigar Society    
ABSC Atlantic Beacon Sculpture Committee    
ABSP About Buttonhooks, Spoons, and Patents    
ABYC Algoa Bay Yacht Club    
ABYC Alamitos Bay Yacht Club    
ACA Australian Cloggers Association    
ACAT Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting    
ACB Auto Crew Builder    
ACBL American Contract Bridge League    
ACC Aisha Clan Clan    
ACCA Arctic Cat Club of America    
ACCC Association of California Car Clubs    
ACE American Coaster Enthusiasts    
ACFA Atlanta Camaro and Firebird Association    
ACFA American Canary Fanciers Association    
ACFA American Cat Fanciers Association    
ACLU Anti Christian Lifestyle Union    
ACLU Anti Christian Lawyers United    
ACMC American Cruisers Motorcycle Club    
ACME Amazing Canadian Mountain Expedition    
ACMS Associated Clan MacLeod Societies    
ACP Automovel Clube de Portugal    
ACRG American Culture Reading Group