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- Minus the points    
-20 Punts inside the 20 yard line    
2PT Two Point Conversions    
A Anchor    
A Attack    
AF Advanced Forward    
AFC American Football Conference    
AI Artificial Intellegence    
AM Attacking Midfielder    
AMC Attacking Midfielder Centre    
AML Attacking Midfielder Left    
AMR Attacking Midfielder Right    
ANC Anchor Man    
AP Advanced Playmaker    
ARI Arizona Cardinals    
AssMan Assistant Manager    
AST Assisted tackles    
ATL Atlanta Falcons    
ATS Against The Spread    
Att Attack    
ATT Attempts    
AVG Average Voltage Gain    
B2B Box To Box Midfielder    
BAL Baltimore Ravens    
BBM Box To Box Midfielder    
Bid A club has made a transfer offer for the player    
BLK Block    
BPD Ball Playing Defender    
BUF Buffalo Bills    
BWM Ball winning Midfielder    
c Completion    
C Center    
CA Current Ability    
CAR Carolina Panthers    
CAR Carries    
CB Cornerback    
CD Central Defender    
CF Complete Forward    
CHI Chicago Bears    
CIN Cincinnati Bengals    
CLE Cleveland Browns    
cm Central Midfielder    
CM Championship Manager    
Ctr Player is currently out of contract at the club    
Cup Player is cup-tied and ineligible to play in the cup match    
d Defend    
DAL Dallas Cowboys    
DB Defensive Back    
DC Centre Back    
DE Defensive End (football)