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Look through 125 acronyms and abbreviations related to Film censorship:

AA All Age    
ADV Advance Air Charters    
ADV Advanced Flight Training    
ADV Advance    
Adv Advance Auto Parts    
adv Advanced Digital Video    
ADV Advanced Development Unit    
AFI American Film Institute    
AMC American Movie Classics    
AO Adults Only    
AVN Adult Video Netherlands    
AVS Adult Verification Service    
BD Bondage Dominance    
BJ Brian Johnson, rock musician    
BM Bad Movie    
CC Closed Captioning    
CCA Comics Code Authority    
CFL Contains Foul Language    
CMS Content Management System    
CRS Community Rating System    
D Disgusting    
DLSV Drugs Language Sex Violence    
DMCA Digital Millennium Copyright Act    
E Everyone    
EFA Except for Adults    
F Funny    
FCCA Film Critics Circle of Australia    
FF Family Friendly    
FHE Family Home Evening    
FLCL Film Language Critique League    
FTU First to Throw Up    
FV Fantasy Violence    
G General Audiences    
GC General Cinema    
GGG Ginza Graphic Gallery    
GL Graphic Language    
GPOY Gratuitous Picture of Yourself    
GRACE Great Refreshing Arty Cheesy Entertaining    
H Horrific    
HC Hard Core    
HHC Hollow Hard Core    
ICCS International Content Certification Standard    
IFF International Film Festival    
IMMI International Modern Media Institute    
IND Indecent    
JAV Japanese Adult Video    
l Lamella    
LB Larry Brown    
LOF Lots Of Flash