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10-6-4 Fertilizer, 10% by weight nitrogen, 6% by weight phosphorous, and 4% by weight potassium    
4WA Four Winds Angus Cattle    
AAA Agricultural Adjustment Act    
AAA Agriculture and Allied Activities    
AAD Arkansas Agriculture Department    
AADS All American Dairy Show    
AAEP Afghanistan Agricultural Extension Project    
AAFC Agriculture and Agrifood Canada    
AAFCO Association of American Feed Control Officials    
AALS Association For Arid Land Studies    
AAMS Advanced Agricultural Measurement Systems    
AAPS Arable Area Payment Scheme (Europe)    
AAPS Arable Aid Premium Scheme (United States)    
AARC Asian Agribusiness Research Centre    
AARC Associated Agricultural and Rural Consultants    
AARD Agency for Agricultural Research and Development    
AARES Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society    
ABA Ayrshire Breeders Association    
ABA American Barn Association    
ABAD Agency for Barani Areas Development    
ABC Absolutely Beastly Crop    
ABCIA Alabama Beef Cattle Improvement Association    
abdc Agricultural Biotechnologies in Developing Countries    
ABDS Agricultural Business Development Scheme    
ABIP Arkansas Beef Improvement Program    
ABP Agricultural By-Product    
ABRI Agricultural Business Research Institute    
ABSP Agricultural Biotechnology Support Project    
ABSP Agricultural Biotechnology for Sustainable Productivity    
ABTP Agriculture Business Training Program    
ABW Alfalfa, Barley, Wheatgrass    
ACAP Agricultural Community Action Program    
ACAP Agricultural Commodities Assurance Program    
ACC Agricultural Credit Corporation Ltd.    
ACCO Agricultural Cooperative Council of Oregon    
ACCP Agricultural Chemical Cleanup Program    
ACDC Agricultural Communications Documentation Center    
ACFA Advisory Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture    
ACFA Australian Cane Farmers Association    
ACFD African Centre for Fertiliser Development    
ACFF Audobon County Family Farms    
ACFM Apple Country Farm Market    
ACLF Agro Culture Liquid Fertilizer    
ACMP Agromet and Crop Monitoring Project    
ACPC Agricultural Credit Policy Council    
ACRA Agriculture Crop Rotation Act    
ACRC Agricultural Container Recycling Council    
ACRU Agricultural Catchments Research Unit    
ACSA Agricultural Chemical Safety Assessment    
ACSZ Agricultural and Commercial Society of Zambia