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EGU Electric Generating Utility    
FOAK First of a Kind    
(D)NAPL Dense Non Aqueous Phase Liquid    
AA Atomic Absorption    
AAC Accident Assessment Coordinator    
AAEE American Academy of Environmental Engineers    
AAI All Appropriate Inquiry    
AAM American Association of Museums    
AAPCA Association of Air Pollution Control Agencies    
AAS Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer    
AASLH American Association for State and Local History    
AC Alternating Current    
ACBM Asbestos-Containing Building Material    
ACE Alliance for Clean Energy    
ACL Alternate Concentration Limit    
ACL Analytical Chemistry Laboratory    
ACM Asbestos Containing Material    
ACO Administrative Consent Order    
ACP Agricultural Conservation Program    
ACR Acute to Chronic Ratio    
ACWA American Clean Water Association    
ad Administration Division    
ADA Americans With Disabilities Act Of 1990 (Text Of ADA Legislation)    
adams Agency-wide Documents Access and Management System    
ADS Assistant Direct Supervisor    
ADS Administrative Support    
AE Air Emissions    
AEA Atomic Energy Act    
AEO Annual Energy Outlook    
AEP alternative energy production    
AES Atomic Emission Spectroscopy    
AFO Animal Feeding Operation    
AFS American Fisheries Society    
AFWA Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies    
AG Attorney General    
AGC Association of General Contractors    
AGR Agriculture    
AHERA Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (TSCA, 1986)    
AIHA American Industrial Hygiene Association    
AIP Auto-Ignition Point    
AIS Aquatic Invasive Species    
AISL Acute Inhalation Screening Levels    
AL Action Level    
AL Aluminium    
ALARA As Low As Reasonably Achievable    
alc Aquatic Life Criteria    
ALF Abandoned Landfill Facility    
ALFAM Association of Living History Farms and Museums    
ALJ Administrative Law Judge    
AMM Association of Midwestern Museums