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Look through 188 acronyms and abbreviations related to Dog Fanciers:

AAC Agility Association of Canada    
AAD Advanced Agility Dog    
AADC Advanced Agility Dog of Canada    
ACVO American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists    
AD Agility Dog    
ADC Agility Dog of Canada    
ADCH Agility Dog Champion Highest    
AFC Amateur Field Champion    
AKC Across 28 American Kennel Club    
ATD Advanced Trial Dog    
AX Agility Excellent    
AXJ Excellent Jumper with Weaves    
BC Border Collie    
BJ Broad Jump    
BJ Bar Jump    
BTW By The Way    
CAFC Canadian Amateur Field Champion    
CBR Chesapeake Bay Retriever    
CC Coursing Champion    
CCR Curly-coated Retriever    
CD Companion Dog    
CDX Companion Dog Excellent    
CERF Canine Eye Registry Foundation    
CFC Canadian Field Champion    
CG Certificate of Gameness    
CGC Canine Good Citizen Certificate    
CH Champion    
CKC Canadian Kennel Club    
Cm Courser of Merit    
CT Champion Tracker    
DD Draft dog    
DJ Directed Jumping    
DOR Drop on Recall    
EAC Elite Standard    
EAC-JH Elite Standard, Junior Handler    
EAC-V Elite Standard, Veterans    
ECG-JH Elite Gamblers, Junior Handler    
EGC Elite Gamblers    
EGC-V Elite Gamblers, Veterans    
EJC Elite Jumpers    
EJC-JH Elite Jumpers, Junior Handler    
EJC-V Elite Jumpers, Veterans    
F.Ch. Field Champion    
F8 Figure Eight    
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions (sometimes Pronounced Fak)    
fc Field Championship    
FCR Flat-Coated Retriever    
FD Field Dog    
FD Flyball Dog    
FDCh Flyball Dog Champion