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CDD Congenital Developmental Defects    
CDDs Congenital Diaphragmatic Defects    
CDH Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia    
CdLS Cornelia De Lange Syndrome    
CDS Caudal Dysplasia Sequence    
CE Coelomic Epithelium    
CEA Collie Eye Anomaly    
CEL Chronic Eosinophilic Leukemia    
CEMA Chronic enteroviral meningoencephalitis with agammaglobulinemia    
CEP Congenital Erythropoietic Porphyria    
CEPH Centre Etude Polymorphism Humain    
CES Cat Eye Syndrome    
CESD Cholesterol Ester Storage Disease    
CEST Childhood Endodermal Sinus Tumors    
CF Cystic Fibrosis    
CF Chondromyxoid Fibroma    
CFF Cystic Fibrosis Factor    
CFMI Cystic Fibrosis Mucociliary Inhibitor    
CFS congenital fibrosis syndromes    
CFS Cancer Family Syndrome    
CFTD Congenital Fiber-Type Disproportion    
CGAP Cancer Genome Anatomy Project    
CGD Chronic Granulomatous Disease    
CGH Congenital Generalized Hypertrichosis    
CGI Clinical Global Impression    
CGKD Complex Glycerol Kinase Deficiency    
CGL Candidate Gene Loci    
CGL Congenital Generalized Lipodystrophy    
CGL Chronic Granulocytic Leukemia    
cGVHD Chronic Graft Versus Host Disease    
CH cystic hygroma    
CH congenital hydrocephalus    
CH Cluster Headache    
CH Cerebellar Hemangioblastoma    
CH Congenital Hydronephrosis    
CH Chronic Hepatitis    
CH congenital hypothyroidism    
CHA Congenital Hypoplastic Anemia    
CHB Chronic Hepatitis B    
CHB congenital heart block    
CHC Chronic Hepatitis C    
CHD Congenital Heart Disease    
CHD Coronary Heart Disease    
CHD Congenital Heart Defect    
CHDH Congenital Heart Disease History    
CHDs Congenital Heart Disorders    
CHDs Conotruncal Heart Defects    
CHED Congenital Heredity Endothelial Dystrophy    
CHF Congestive Heart Failure    
CHI Congenital Hydrocephalus Internus