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AAW Arts Awareness Week    
ACSW Australasian Computer Science Week    
AD Anno Domini (Year of Our Lord)    
AD Ante Diem (before the day)    
ADN Any Day Now    
AF April Fool's    
AFD Alcohol Free Day    
AFD April Fool's Day    
AM Ante Meridien    
AUBD AUgust BirthDay    
BAD Blinker Appreciation Day    
BAMM Bust A Move Monday    
BF Black Friday    
BFF Bank Failure Friday    
BS Black Sunday    
BTW British Tourism Week    
C Christmas    
DABD Draw A Bird Day    
Db Date Before    
DD/MM/YY Day/Month/Year    
DEN Day Evening Night    
DMBW DelMarVa Bike Week    
DOB Day Of Brothers    
dob date of birth; mm/dd/xxxx    
DOW Day Of Week    
DOY Day of Year    
ELLFW Estonia & Latvia & Lithuania Frendship Week    
EOD End Of Day    
ES Easter Sunday    
EuSu EuroSunday    
FAD Financial Awareness Day    
FD Fiasco Day    
FED Free Enterprise Day    
FKD Favorite Kind of Day    
FOJ First Of June    
FR Friday    
FRI Friday    
FT Fat Tuesday    
GF Good Friday    
GYSD Global Youth Service Day    
HBD Happy Birthday    
HD Happy Days    
ICUD International Credit Union Day    
IFD International Forgiveness Day    
IFFD International Firefighters Day    
IMBD International Migratory Bird Day    
INDD International No Diet Day    
IRD International Reunion Day    
IRD International Recognition Days    
ITGD International Tourist Guide Day