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AAC Advanced Audio Coding    
ADAP Automated Data Analysis Program    
AdGDP Advances in Geophysical Data Processing    
ADMS Automated Data Management System    
ADO ActiveX Data Objects (Microsoft)    
ADO.NET ADO for .NET    
ADPE Automatic Data Processing Equipment    
ADPF Automated Data Processing Facility    
ADS Alternate Data Stream    
ADT Abstract Data Type    
AFD Acceptance For Data    
AIDS Airborne Integrated Data System    
AIF Auto Increment Field    
AIML Artificial Intelligence Markup Language    
ANHD ANimation HeaDer    
AVALON Acquisition and Validation of Ontologies    
BDC Business Data Catalog    
BDE Borland Database Engine    
BiblioML Bibliographic Markup Language    
BMHD Bitmap Header    
BMP Basic Multilingual Plane    
BPML Business Process Management Language    
BSML Bioinformatic Sequence Markup Language    
CADH Communications and Data Handling    
CDB Central Data Buffer    
CDB Command Data Base    
CDB Computer Data Bus    
CDBFR Common Data Buffer    
CDD Common Data Dictionary    
CDF Central Data Facility    
CDF Combined Data File    
CDF Compound Document Format    
CDP Command Data Processor    
CDPIS Command Data Processing and Instituteumentation System    
CDPIS Command Data Processing and Instrumentation System    
CDSL Computer Data System Laboratory    
CDT Configuration Data Table    
CDU Coupling Data Unit    
CDW Command Data Word    
CFG Context-Free Grammar    
COM Computer Output Microfilm    
CRC ContrĂ´le de Redondance Cyclique (French: Cyclic Redundancy Check)    
CRIS Current Research Information Systems    
CSDF Central Source Data File    
CSV Comma Separated Value(s)    
CY Calendar Year    
DA Data Automation    
DACP Data Acquisition Control Processor    
DACS Data Acquisition and Control System    
DAD Data Acquisition and Distribution