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AAAC All Africa Anesthesia Congress    
AABF Africa-Asian Business Forum    
AACL Anti Aging Conference London    
AARC African American Residence Caucus    
AAUC AVImark Annual User Conference    
ABEC Annular Bearing Engineers' Committee    
ACAF Asia Computer Animation Festival    
ACC Asthmatic Children's Conference    
ACFA Asian Committee for Future Accelerators.    
ACFE Australian Christian Forum on Education    
ACFS American Custom Figure Symposium    
ACGM Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting    
ACGM Annual Convention and General Meeting    
ACLE All China Leather Exhibition    
ACMC Australasian Computer Music Conference    
ACOH Asian Conference of Occupational Health    
ACPL Asheron's Call Player Luncheon    
ACPN Asian Conference of Pediatric Nutrition    
ACR Active, Confirmed, Registered    
ACSE Automatic Control and System Engineering    
ACTE Annual Convention and Career Tech Exposition    
ADAS Annual Diagnosis Arthritis Symposium    
ADCS Australasian Document Computing Symposium    
ADE Amsterdam Dance Event    
ADHOC Advanced Developers Hands-On Conference    
AERC Adult Education Research Conference    
AFCE Annual Fraud Conference and Exhibition    
AFCS Annual Frequency Control Symposium    
AFMC Asia Film Market Conference    
AFOC ASEAN Forum on Coal    
AFTC Atlantic Fisheries Technology Conference    
AFTC Agricultural and Food Transporters Conference    
AHIC Arabian Hotel Investment Conference    
AIMS Anderson Island Mystic Seaport    
AITC Annual Information Technology Conference    
ALIS Americas Lodging Investment Summit    
ALOT Adaptive Large Optics Technologies    
AMBDR Arkansas Minority Business Development Roundtable    
AMSAC Analog Mixed Signal Applications Conference    
ANCS Architecture for Networking and Communications Systems    
APAC Audio Publishers Association Conference    
APCC Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications    
APCIS Advanced Professional Communication and Integration Skills    
APOC Asia-Pacific Optical Communications Conference    
APTU Asia Pacific Taxpayers Union    
AQC American Quality Congress    
ASLC Asian Students Leadership Conference    
ASWN Applications and Services in Wireless Networks    
ATEES Advanced Technologies in Electrical and Electronics Systems    
ATM After the meeting