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Look through 402 acronyms and abbreviations related to Colors:

AB Ash Beige    
AC Aqua Color    
ALL Any color    
am Amber's mother    
am Amber Maldonado    
am Amberlea Meadows    
am Amber Mica    
AM Amber    
AMG Antec Metallic Gray    
AW Animated White    
b Brown    
B Black    
B Blue    
BA Bright Annealed    
BB Black Backing    
BB Baby Blue    
BBB Blackberry Bold    
BC Bright Colors    
BD Black Dial    
BE Bright Emerald    
BE Beale Street Blue    
BEPU Belle/ Purple    
BEW Black Eye White    
BG Basic Grey    
BGR Blue Green Red    
BI Brown Index    
BIV Blue, Indigo, and Violet    
BIW Black In White    
BK Black Khaki    
BK Blue Krome    
BKGD Black over Gold    
BKGN Black over Green    
BLB Black Light Blue    
BLK Black    
BLK/WHT Black/ White    
BMW Blue, Maroon, and White    
BN Brown Norway    
bn Brown Noddy    
BN Brown    
BN Brown Norwegian    
BN Brown Noser    
BOB Black on Black    
BOP Black On Purple    
BOW Black On White    
BSC British Standard Colors    
BT Bright Transparent    
BTB Burnt Transparent Blue    
BV Black Vinyl    
BV Black Version    
BVD Browned Very Deeply