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AAW Adolph A. Weinman    
ABPN Alt.Binary.Pictures.Numismatic    
ACG Accu-Grade    
AF Absolutely Fake    
AG About Good    
AG-3 Almost Good 3 (coin grade)    
ANA American Numismatic Association    
ANACS American Numismatic Association Certification Service    
ASE American Silver Eagle    
AU About Uncirculated    
AU-50 Almost Uncirculated 55 (coin grade)    
AU-55 Choice Almost Uncirculated (coin grade)    
AVF About Very Fine    
AXF About Extremely Fine    
B Beau (French coin grade equivalent to Very Good)    
B Bello (Italian coin grade equivalent to Very Good)    
B# Browning Number    
BB Bellissimo (Italian coin grade equivalent to Very Fine)    
BB# Bowers and Borckardt Number    
BC Bien Conserve (French coin grade equivalent to Almost Good)    
BG# Breen and Gillio Number    
BITC Bitcoin    
BN Brown    
BNJ British Numismatic Journal    
bns British Numismatic Society    
BNTA British Numismatic Trade Association    
BPS/GPB British Pound Sterling, aka GBP    
BU Brilliant Uncirculated    
BU Bright Uncirculated    
BV Bullion Value    
C Charlotte, North Carolina (mint mark on early United States gold coins)    
C# Cohen Number    
CAD Collectors and Dealers    
CC Carson City, Nevada (mint mark on United States coins)    
CCE Certified Coin Exchange    
CDN Coin Dealer Newsletter    
CMM# Cohen, Munson, Munde Number    
CN Copper Nickel coin    
COA Certificate Of Authentication    
CRV Collectors Rating Value    
CS Counter Strike    
CSDG California Small Denomination Gold    
CV Catalog Value    
CW Coin World    
D Denver, Colorado (mint mark on United States coins)    
D Dahlonega, Georgia (mint mark on United States gold coins)    
DC Deep Cameo    
DD Doubled-Die    
DDO Doubled Die Obverse