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5PS Five Piece Suit    
A Apron    
AAFA American Apparel & Footwear Association    
AAMA American Apparel Manufacture Association    
AB Adult Baby    
ABU Airman Battle Uniform    
acc Accessories Carrying Case    
ACCY Accessory    
ACNE Ambition to Create Novel Expressions    
ACTF Apparel Color and Trend Forecasting    
Adidas All Day I Dream About Shoes    
AE American Eagle Outfitters    
AES Anti-Embolic Stockings    
AFSB All Four Shoulder Buttons    
AGF Alt Gothic Fashion    
AGLA Alan Gum Leather Accessories    
AI Artificially Inelegant    
ALG Affordable Luxury Gems    
ANT All Natural Textiles    
AOP All Over Print    
ASAP As Soft As Possible    
AST Assorted Spiffy Things    
AWB All Weather Boot    
B Big    
B Bargain    
BABD Bordered Almost Block Diagonal    
BADC Borrow a Dress Couture    
BBC Billionaire Boys Club    
BBQ Black Bear Quilt    
BCBG Bon Choix Bon Genre    
BCG Big Chested Girls    
BDU Battle Dress Uniform    
BHG Big Huge Gut    
BJ Blue Jeans    
BL Braid Line    
BLAF Breathe Like A Fish    
BMO Beverley Mckenzie Originals    
BOB Big Ole Bag    
BoS Boots of Speed    
BRA Battle Ready Armor    
BS Bunny Slippers    
BS Bobby Sox    
BT Black Tie    
BTSC Back To School Clothing    
BTTD Bal Togs Tie Dye    
BUSS Bob Udder Signiture Series    
BYOB Bust Your Old Buttons    
BYOG Build Your Own Glove    
BYOG Build Your Own Garment    
BYOS Bring Your Own Socks