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Look through 256 acronyms and abbreviations related to Chess:

AACA All Assam Chess Association    
ACC Arizona Chess Central    
ACFI Arizona Chess Federation Inc.    
AFC Americas Foundation for Chess    
AFICS American Free Internet Chess Server    
AICF All India Chess Federation    
AICS American Internet Chess Server    
ALAC Almighty Loser At Chess    
ASCA Arkansas Scholastic Chess Association    
ASPCC All Service Postal Chess Club    
B Bishop    
BBI Black Bishop    
BC Basketball And Chess    
BCCA British Correspondence Chess Association    
BCCA Board for Certification in Clinical Anaplastology    
BCF Boylston Chess Foundation    
BCF British Chess Federation    
BCS Berkeley Chess School, Berkeley, California    
BDCA Bradford District Chess Association    
BF Bobby Fischer    
BK Black Knight's    
BKCL Baltimore Kids Chess League    
BKI Black King    
BKN Black Knight    
BNASC Bloomington Normal Area Scholastic Chess    
BPN Black Pawn    
BQU Black QUeen    
BRK Black Rook    
Bs Boris Spassky    
BXB Bishop Takes Bishop ( Chess)    
BXN Bishop Takes Knight ( Chess)    
BXP Bishop Takes Pawn ( Chess)    
BXQ Bishop Takes Queen ( Chess)    
BXR Bishop Takes Rook ( Chess)    
CAAS Chess Association for Arkansas Schools    
caq Chess Association of Queensland    
CC1 Chess Challenger 1    
CCA Chess Coaches Association    
CCC Clatskanie Chess Club    
CCCC Cumberland County Chess Club    
CCF Coulsdon Chess Fellowship    
CCFM Chess and Checkers Foundation of Michigan    
CCLA Chess Club Los Angeles    
CCNS Chessmen Club of the North Shore, Evanston, Illinois    
CCPF Catholic Chess Project Foundation    
CFCC Central Florida Chess Club    
CFCC-KC Central Florida Chess Club - Kids Club    
CFNC Chess Friends of Northern California