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Look through 84 acronyms and abbreviations related to Catholic church:

AC Apostolic Carmel    
ACHA American Catholic Historical Association    
AO Apostolic Oblates    
AOH Ancient Order of Hibernians    
ASI Ancillae Secular Institute    
ASMI Apostolic Sisters of Mary Immaculate    
CAB Congregation of Alexian Brothers    
CBQ Catholic Biblical Quarterly    
CCCB Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops    
CHF Congregation of the Holy Family    
CM Carmelite Missionaries    
CMC Congregation Of The Mother Of Carmel    
CMF Claretian Missionary Fathers    
CNS Catholic News Service    
CR Congregation of the Rosarians    
CSC Congregation of The Sisters Of Charity    
CSN Congregation of the Sisters of Nazareth    
DBLA Don Bosco Lay Association    
DC Disciples of Christ    
DDP Daughters of Divisionne Providence    
DDP Daughters of Divine Providence    
DSC Daughters of Saint Camillus    
DSFS Daughters of Saint Francis de Sales    
DSHJ Daughters of Sacred Heart of Jesus    
DSJ Daughters of Saint Joseph    
DST Daughters of Saint Thomas    
FCC Franciscan Clarist Congregation    
FDSHJ Fervent Daughters of the Saint Heart of Jesus    
FHGS Franciscan Handmaids of the Good Shepherd    
JS Josephine Sisters    
KDSE Katholische Deutsche Studenten-Einigung    
LAR Little Apostles of Redemption    
LDSJG Little Daughters of Saint John Gaulbert    
LSC Little Sisters of Christ    
LSDP Little Sisters of Divisionne Providence    
LSDP Little Sisters of Divine Providence    
LSMS Little Sisters of Mother of Sorrows    
LWSH Little Workers of the Sacred Hearts    
MC Missionaries of Charity (religious order)    
MLF Missionaries of Little Flower    
MMI Missionaries of Mary Immaculate    
MMM Missionaries of Mary Mediatrix    
MMS Medical Mission Sisters    
MSA Missionary Sisters of Ajmeer    
MSI Missionary Sisters of Immaculate    
MSMI Missionary Sisters of Mary Immaculate    
NS Nazareth Sisters    
OLG Our Lady of the Garden    
OLP Our Lady of Providence    
OMMI Oblate Missionaries of Mary Immaculate