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2WD 2-wheel drive    
4DSC 4-Door Sports Car    
4WAS Four wheel anti skid    
4wd Four-Wheel Drive Vehicle    
4WS Four-wheel steering    
4x4 four-by-four    
4X4 4-wheel drive    
A/C Air Conditioning    
AAA American Automobile Association    
AAAM Assocation for Advancement of Automotive Medicine    
AAIA Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association    
aam American Axle & Manufacturing's    
AAMVA American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators    
AAR All American Racers    
AASHTO American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials    
ABAA Auto Body Association of America    
ABC Active Body Control    
ABIL Auto Body Insurance Liaison Committee    
ABR Andy Belmont Racing    
ABS Anti-Lock Brake System    
ABSBSC Air Bag and Seat Belt Safety Campaign    
ABTPA Auto Burglary and Theft Prevention Authority    
AC annual closing    
AC Auto Carriers    
AC Alternating Current    
acc Adaptive Chassis Control    
ACC Adaptive Cruise Control    
acds Automotive Cylinder Deactivator System    
ACF American Car & Foundry Co.    
ACFO Association of Car Fleet Operators    
ACI Automobile Club d'Italia    
ACIS Acoustic Control Induction System    
Acura All Customers Undergo Repair Anxiety    
ADOT Arizona Department Of Transportation    
ADT Average Daily Traffic (vpd in both directions)    
aeb Autonomous Emergency Braking    
AERA Automotive Engine Rebuilders Association    
AFS Advanced Front-Lighting System    
AGP Australian Grand Prix    
AHTD Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department    
AIR American International Racers    
AIR CON Air Conditioning    
AIS Abbreviated Injury Scale    
AJAC Automobile Journalists Association of Canada    
ALDOT Alabama Department Of Transportation    
Alfa Romeo All Loosely Fitted Accessories Remain On Motorway Enraging Others    
ALR Automatic Locking Retractor    
ALS Active lighting system    
ALS automatic lighting system    
AMC American Motors Corporation