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Look through 78 acronyms and abbreviations related to Bicycling:

2LR 2-Lane Road    
2WLTL Two Way Left Turn Lane    
3FP Three Foot Passing    
3LR 3-Lane Road    
4LR 4-lane Road    
AASHTO American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials    
APBP Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals    
ASL Advanced Stop Line    
BD Bicycle Driving    
BFB Bicycle Friendly Business    
BFC Bicycle Friendly Community    
BFS Bicycle Friendly State    
BFU Bicycle Friendly University    
BIT Bicycles Impede Traffic    
bl Bike Lane    
BLOS Bicycle Level of Service    
BMUFL Bikes May Use Full Lane    
BWB Bicycle Waiting Box or bike box    
CC Coffin Corner    
CLRS Center Line Rumble Strip    
CS Cycling Savvy    
CSI Cycling Savvy Instructor¬†    
CT Cycle Track    
CTL Center Turn Lane    
DZBL Door Zone Bike Lane    
ECI Effective Cycling Instructor    
FBL Faux Bike Lane    
FHWA Federal Highway Administration    
ftr Far To Right    
HDM Highway Design Manual    
LAB League of American Bicyclists    
LCI League Cycling Instructor    
LOS Level Of Service    
LR LAB Reform    
LRA Local Regulation Allowed    
LT Left Turn    
LTL Left Turn Lane    
LTOL Left Turn Only Lane    
MBL Mandatory Bike Lane    
MDMLS Model Design Manual for Living Streets    
MH Mandatory Helmet    
MSP Mandatory Side-Path    
MSU Mandatory Shoulder use    
MUP Multi-Use Path    
MUTCD Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices    
NACTO National Association of City Transportation Officials    
NCUTCD National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices    
NCUTCD-BTC ^ Bicycle Technical Committee    
NCUTLO National Committee on Uniform Traffic Laws and Ordinances    
NLR N-Lane Road