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2b Doubles Allowed    
3b Triples Allowed    
A Assists    
A/G Assists per Game    
ab At Bats    
AB/GIDP At-Bats per Grounded Into Double Play    
AB/HR At-Bats per Home Run    
AB/RBI At-Bats per Runs Batted In    
AO Fly Outs    
APP Appearances    
AVG Average Voltage Gain    
BABIP Batting Average on Balls in Play    
BB Bases on Balls (Walks)    
BB/9 Walks per Nine Innings    
BF Batters Faced    
BFP Batters Facing Pitcher    
BK Balks    
BR/9 Baserunners allowed per 9 innings    
BS Blown Save    
BWS Batting Win Shares    
CBO Combined Shutout    
CERA Component ERA    
CG Complete Games    
CGL Complete Game Losses    
CS Caught Stealing    
DE Defensive Efficiency    
DER Defensive Efficiency Rating    
DICE Defense-Independent Component ERA    
DP Double Plays Turned    
DP/G Double Plays per Game    
E Europe    
ER Earned Runs    
ERA Earned Run Average    
FPCT Fielding Percentage    
FR Fielding Runs    
FWS Fielding Win Shares    
g Games Pitched    
G Games Played    
GB Ground Balls    
GDP Grounded Into Double Play    
GF Games Finished    
GIDP Ground into Double Plays    
GO Ground Outs    
GO/AO Ground Outs/Fly Outs    
GOAO Ground Outs / Fly Outs Ratio    
GP Games Played    
GRSL Grand Slams    
GS Games Started    
GSH Grand Slam Home Runs    
h Hits allowed