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AAA Annual Alpha Awards    
AAA Audax Altitude Award    
AABE Annual Awards in Business Excellence    
AAG Award and Administration Guide    
AAM Army Achievement Medal    
ABBE Awarding Body of the Built Environment    
ABCD Above and Beyond the Call of Duty    
ABEA American Business Ethics Award    
ABLA Asia Business Leaders Awards    
ABNA Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award    
ACCEA Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards    
ACE AMX Certified Expert    
ACMI Associate Chartered Management Institute    
ACP Advanced Certified Paralegal    
ACSA Apple Certified System Administrator    
ADAM Award Der Ausgezeichneten Messeauftritte    
ADH Advanced Diploma of Homeopathy    
ADHP Advanced Dental Hygiene Practitioner    
AE Award of Excellence    
AEA Advanced Extension Awards    
AFAIM Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management    
AFC Air Force Cross    
AFCP Approved Foster Care Provider    
AFGCM Air Force Good Conduct Medal    
AFRM Armed Forces Reserve Medal    
AFSB Associate in Fidelity and Surety Bonding    
AFSL Australian Financial Services Licence    
AFSM Australian Fire Service Medal    
AGBM Alexander Graham Bell Medal    
AHSE Award for Health and Safety Excellence    
AIMC Associate of the Inner Magic Circle    
AIR Acheivement in Radio    
AM Award of Merit    
AMA Accredited Master Appraiser    
AMPI Associate of the Pensions Management Institute    
AOM Award of Merit    
AOSM Army of Occupation Service Medal    
APCSM Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Service Medal    
APM Australian Police Medal    
APPA Advanced Personal Property Appraiser    
ARA Atorvastatin Research Awards    
ARCAM Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal    
AREA Academic Research Enhancement Award    
as Associate Specialists    
ASE Accredited Systems Engineer    
AVSM Athi Vishisht Seva Medal    
AVUA Army Valorous Unit Award    
B Best    
BAFTA British Awards For Talented Actors    
BALA Best in American Living Awards