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23C Assessment Date    
ACC Associate Chief Counsel    
ACI Appeals Coordinated Issues    
ACR Audit Change Report    
ACS Automated Collection Service    
ADEPT Automated Deposit of Electronic Payments for Taxes    
ADR Alternative Dispute Resolution    
AGI Adjusted Gross Income    
AIMS Audit Information Management System    
AM Area Manager    
AO Appeals Officers    
AOC Advice of Credit    
AOD Actions on Decisions    
ASED Assessment Statute Expiration Date    
ATAO Application for Taxpayer Assistance Order to Relieve Hardship    
ATG Audit Technique Guide    
ATIN Adoption Taxpayer Identification Number    
AUR Automated Under Reporter    
AWISS Agency Wide Information Systems Services    
AWSS Agency-Wide Shared Services    
BeST Benefits and Services Team    
BMF Business Master File    
BWH Backup Withholding    
C&L Communications & Liaison    
CAF Centralized Authorization File    
CAP Collection Appeals Process    
CARE Communications, Assistance, Research & Education    
CAS Customer Accounts Service    
CAS Computer Audit Specialist    
CBAF Commercial Bank Address File    
CC Command Code    
CCO Computing Center Operations    
CCR Comprehensive Case Resolutions    
CDP Collection Due Process    
CEP Coordinated Examination Program    
CI Criminal investigation    
CIP Compliance Initiative Project    
CIS Collection Information Statement    
CORR Correspondence Return    
CP Computer Paragraph    
CPA Certified Public Accountant    
CPM Civil Penalty Module    
CRS Communication Replacement System    
CSCS Customer Service Call Sites    
CSED Collection Statute Expiration Date    
CSO Customer Service Operations    
CSOC Customer Service Operations Center, Atlanta    
CSP Classification Settlement Program    
CT Criminal Tax    
CTM Communications Technology and Media