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ABCD Asian Business Club at Darden    
ABLE Action for a Better Living Environment    
ACE Academic Consulting Express    
ACF Adventist Christian Fellowship    
ACS American Constitution Society    
ADAPT Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Team    
AEIN Asia Economic and Investment Network    
AI Association of Indonesians    
AIA Athletes In Action    
AISU American Indian Student Union    
ALC Asian Leaders Council    
ALCB Abundant Life Christmas Banquet    
AMA Advertising and Marketing Association    
APALSA Asian Pacific American Law Students Association    
APALTI Asian Pacific American Leadership Training Institute    
APDA American Parliamentary Debate Association    
APES Applied and Practical Engineering Society    
ARSAP Association of Rising Student Affairs Professionals    
ASA Afghan Student Association    
ASAP AIDS Service, Awareness and Prevention    
ASB Alternative Spring Break    
ASC Arts and Sciences Council    
ASET Arts and Sciences Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow    
ASO Arab Student Organization    
ASS Art Students Society    
ATW Around The World    
AVP Academical Village People    
BAM Brotherhood of All Men    
BBSF Black Business Student Forum at Darden    
BCM Breckenridge Christian Ministries    
BEATS Black Expression Awareness and Thought Society    
BGIA Building Goodness in April    
BGPSO Black Graduate and Professional Student Organization    
BGS Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society    
BLP Blueprint Leadership Program    
BLSA Black Law Students Association    
BRA Brazilian Association    
BRMRG Blue Ridge Mountain Rescue Group    
BSPA Black Student Pre-law Association    
BTC Business Technology Club    
BUCKS Brothers United Celebrating Knowledge and Success    
BV Black Voices    
BVC Beach Volleyball Club    
BYC Bhakti-Yoga Club    
CAFE College Access for Everyone    
CAINE Comics and Animation Intellectual Exploration    
CAPS Caring for Africa by Providing Soccer    
CARE Child Advocacy Research & Education    
CASA Cuban and American Student Association    
CBC Cigar Aficionados