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Look through 39 acronyms and abbreviations related to Sociology:

AACTS Australian Alcohol Challenge Twin Study    
AASR Anthropology and Sociology of Religion    
AAT Aquatic Ape Theory    
AERS Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology    
AJS American Journal of Sociology    
ASA American Sociological Association    
ASAM Asian American    
ASBO Anti-Social Behavior Order    
ASR Association for the Sociology of Religion    
ASSA Association for Sociology in South Africa    
BAE Bureau of American Ethnology    
CES Centre for Educational Sociology    
DGP Deferred Gratification Pattern    
EPOS Ethnomethodology Phenomenology and Observational Sociology    
FCLT Foreign CuLTure    
GLOST Globalisation lost    
GSSA Graduate Student Sociology Association    
IOS Institute of Sociology    
IRSA International Rural Sociology Association    
IRSS International Review for the Sociology of Sport    
MCM Merino Comfort Mapping    
MSSS Modified Social Support Survey    
MSTG Minnesota Sandplay Therapy Group    
NBDA Network Based Diffusion Analysis    
NCSR Nordic Conference for Sociology of Religion    
OADA Order of Acquisition Diffusion Analysis    
PASR Philippine Association for the Sociology of Religion    
PCUFP Percent Couples Using Family Planning    
PWE Protestant Work Ethic (which is also sometimes referred to as Puritan Work Ethic by some folks)    
SASU Sociology Anthropology Student Union    
SCT Social Contract Theory    
SKAD Sociology of Knowledge Approach to Discourse    
SOC Sociology    
soe Sociology of Education    
SoRU Sociology of Risk and Uncertainty    
SPSS Statistical Package for the Social Sciences    
SSK Social Scientific Knowledge    
TADA Time of Acquisition Diffusion Analysis    
TERF Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist