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Look through 62 acronyms and abbreviations related to Project management:

7P Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Process, Physical evidence    
ACWP Actual Cost of Works Performed    
AD Activity Description    
AF actual finish    
AOA Activity on Arrow    
AON Activity on Node    
AS Actual Start    
BCWP Budget Cost of Work Performed    
BCWS Budget Cost of Work Scheduled    
BPM Business Process Modeling    
CAR Contract Approval Review    
CDR Conceptual Design Report    
COQ Cost Of Quality    
CPF Cost-Plus-Fee    
CPFF Contract Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee    
CPIF Contract Cost-Plus-Incentive-Fee    
CPPC Cost-Plus-Percentage of Cost    
CSSC Cost Schedule Systems Criteria    
DE Discrete Effort    
DU Duration    
EF Early Finish    
ES Early Start    
ETC Estimate To Complete    
EVA Economic Value Added    
EVM Earned Valued Management    
EVR Earned Value Report    
EVT Earned Valued Technique    
FF Finish-to-Finish    
FF Free Float    
FFP Firm-Fixed-Price    
LS Late Start    
LSM Linear Scheduling Method    
NLM Nonlinear Management    
OD Organization Development    
OD Original Duration    
PBS Product Breakdown Structure    
PCT Percent Crop Treated    
PCT Percent    
PERT Project Evaluation Review Technique    
PF Planned Finish    
PS Planned Start    
PSI Probability of Success Indicator    
PSN Project Summary Network    
PSWBS Project Summary Work Breakdown Structure    
QCD Quality, Cost, Delivery    
RBS Risk Breakdown Structure    
Rd Remaining Duration    
SC Schedule Correlation    
SF Start-to-Finish    
SF Scheduled Finish