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AADE American Association of Drilling Engineers    
APD Application for Permit to Drill    
ASV Annular Safety Valve    
AV Annular Velocity    
AWO Approval for Well Operation    
BGWP Base of Group Water Protection    
BHP Bottom Hole Pressure    
BOE Barrel of oil equivalent (international)    
boed barrel of oil equivalent per day    
BOP Blowout Preventer    
bpd barrel per day    
BRT Below Rotary Table    
bwd barrel of water per day    
bwpd Barrel Of Water Per Day    
CB Core Barrel    
CDP Comprehensive Drilling Plan    
CHP Casing Hanger Pressure    
CITHP Closed In Tubing Hanger Pressure    
CIV Chemical Injection Valve    
CsF Caesium Formate    
CSG Casing    
CT Coiled Tubing    
CTCO Coiled Tubing Clean Out    
CWOR Completion Work Over Riser    
D&C drilling and completions    
DC Drill Collar    
DD Directional Driller    
DDM Derrick Drilling Machine    
DHSV Downhole Safety Valve    
DLL Dual LateroLog    
DLS Dog-Leg Severity    
DP Drill Pipe    
DPDV Dynamically-Positioned Drilling Vessel    
DSV Drilling SuperVisor    
ECD Equivalent Circulating Density    
EGMBE Ethylene Glycol Mono-Butyl Ether    
ELT Economic Limit Test    
EOFL End of Field Life    
EPIDORIS Exploration and Production Integrated Drilling Operations and Reservoir Information System    
ER Extended Reach    
ERD Extended Reach Drilling    
ETAP Eastern Trough Area Project    
FC Float Collar    
FCP Final Circulating Pressure    
FFM Full Field Model    
FIT Formation Integrity Test    
FIV Formation Isolation Valve    
IP Injector to Producer Ratio    
IPC Installed Production Capacity    
ITS Influx To Surface